What Is FIRB For

What Is FIRB For

Simply what is FIRB? The Foreign Investment Evaluation Board (FIRB) is a non-statutory body established in April 1976 to recommend the Government on foreign financial investment policy and its administration, to guarantee and keep track of compliance with the foreign investment policy. The Board’s functions are advisory just.

Who requires to apply for FIRB approval?

Foreign non-residents are individuals not ordinarily resident in Australia (other than Australian residents), consisting of a holder of a visa that permits the individual to remain in Australia for only a limited period.


A foreign financier needs to examine the requirement to make an application for FIRB approval if the acquisition is a substantial and/or notifiable action under the Act that fulfils recommended monetary limits and no exemptions apply.

How Much Does It Cost To Get FIRB Approval?

FIRB charges an application fee to all foreign financiers who wish to buy a home in Australia unless you’re buying a property with an Australian person or permanent resident or a New Zealand resident.

You can anticipate paying around $5,000-$100,000 depending on your situation, the home value and residential or commercial property type. As a rule of thumb, residential property or land will cost less than financial investment residential or commercial property.

How can I apply?

You can make an application for FIRB approval by checking out the FIRB website and following the online application procedure.

Usually, the FIRB takes thirty days to grant approval. Nevertheless, it could take longer depending upon your situations.

How Can You Inspect Your FIRB Application Status?

The FIRB Application Portal (Website) is a web-interface system that makes it possible for electronic submission of applications for foreign financial investment.

Current improvements to the Website now allow applicants to save partly completed applications, include several contacts and send a proposition covering several actions under one contract as one application. These improvements have actually been made to simplify the submission process and increase exposure and management of applications. Quick Referral Guides on these subjects have actually been developed and are offered at https://firb.gov.au/guidance-resources.

Can you buy a house in Australia if you are not a citizen?

Immigrants can buy property in Australia, however, there are some restrictions to think about. Non-residents must get approval from the Foreign Financial Investment Evaluation Board (FIRB) before they can purchase a residential or commercial property. As a non-resident, you can purchase a recognized home on your own as a home however it must be your primary house.