Tips Before Going To A Cosmetic Laser Clinic



Before beginning a series of laser hair removal, there are a couple of things that everyone should know. We’ve recorded the main things you have to know before having a laser treatment, so you can be ready for your treatments and be compensated with those luxurious outcomes! 

cosmetic laser clinic

Say No To Waxing and Tweezing 

During the first meeting, the laser specialist will advise you about the pre-treatment rules, which ought to be followed carefully. The biggest one of these is going without waxing and tweezing as these methods eliminate the hair from its foundations. 

The laser deals with the hair follicles, and if the roots are missing, it can’t work on hair removal. Therefore, you should quit waxing or plucking at least a month or a month and a half before the appointment. You can keep shaving on the off chance that you need to eliminate the undesirable hair. 


Shave The Day Before Your Treatment To Stimulate The Follicle 

This expands the adequacy of the laser. In any case, don’t wax or pluck for at least a month and a half before treatments. This eliminates the follicle and it must be there for the treatment to be successful. 


Patience Pays Off 

It takes half a month after your first treatment to see a distinction, and 8 – 12 treatments to get the full outcome. 

You can start seeing genuine outcomes following 2 treatments or two months. You additionally must be truly regular with your appointments because your hair follicles are all at various phases of their development, so you need to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to get destroyed. 


Avoid Sun Exposure

Clinics can’t treat you on the off chance that you have had sun exposure inside about fourteen days of your laser hair removal treatment as the laser will sizzle any pigment on your skin. This implies if you are burned from the sun, or even simply tanned, you may need to reschedule your appointment. In case you’re somewhat of a seashore babe or surfer fellow, you may wish to begin your treatment during the winter months to evade any inconvenience. 


Don’t Use Cosmetics And Creams

At the point when you are going for the first appointment, ensure that you have not applied any creams or beauty care products on your skin which is to be dealt with. Wash your skin with the assistance of a mellow cleanser and eliminate every cosmetic leftover, for example, antiperspirant, salve, cosmetics, and so forth. 

Try not to saturate your skin on that day as it ought to be spotless and dry for the treatment. On the off chance that you have the propensity for dying your skin, at that point, ensure that you stop at least a month and a half before the meeting to guarantee the color of your hair isn’t modified. 


Get A Patch Test 

Not every person’s skin or hair type is appropriate for laser hair removal. The patch test will permit your primary care physician to pass judgment in case you’re an appropriate candidate for laser hair removal in Melbourne. 

You’ve Got To Use A Hair Trimmer/Shave The Area Before You Laser (Same Goes For Makeup) 

The laser can respond with hair on the skin’s surface which will cause some aggravation and perhaps feared burnt hair smell which you could learn firsthand. Fortunately, the whole ‘shaving = thicker darker hair’ was a truly normal beauty myth. 


On the off chance that you have chosen to go through laser hair removal in Melbourne, at that point, ensure that you hold fast to all the things referenced above. Additionally, remember the directions given by your professional to make the treatment successful and safe. You can also check out cosmeticlaserclinics.com.au for your cosmetic laser needs.