Best forms of Entertainment on your Mobile

Your mobile phone is an infinite portal of fun, games, knowledge, communication and more. It’s great being always connected to everyone and everything. You have your phone with you all the time, but are you making the most of it? Here’s a list of some of the top forms of entertainment you can enjoy on your phone. 


The granddaddy of streaming services. Youtube has the biggest library of entertainment in the world. It is absolutely full of user-generated content, but did you know they’re making their own original shows for subscribers? They sell and rent movies now, competing with services such as Apple’s iTunes. The advantage of buying through YouTube is that it’s far more compatible across other devices than buying from Apple. Check it out and look into their paid programs that block ads too!


The biggest name in streaming subscriptions, Netflix. You probably already use this a lot, so there’s not much point exploring it further here. But it would be weird to ignore it on this list! One thing I’ll say is that it’s great to stream Netflix from your phone to your TV and control it like magic! Most streaming services work like this, so make sure you’re doing it!

Amazon Prime

Whilst this streaming service started off a bit boring, it’s an essential subscription because it also gets you free shipping on! This app pays for itself and there’s a lot of great exclusive content coming out all the time. 


You can use any podcast app you like here, the default Apple Podcasts one is fine if you’ve got an iPhone, but there’s plenty out there. Podcasts are great because unlike a lot of the other streaming services out there, this medium, much like YouTube allows everyone the ability to make their own content and have a voice. From video games or movies to science to news and events, there’s something for everyone. What’s better is that many podcasts are weekly or monthly, so there’s always new content to look forward to. A growing trend is podcasts for Australian women


Spotify is clearly the best music streaming app. A paid subscription has never been better with the ability to get a family plan, allowing the whole family to ignore the ads. Spotify actually does podcasts now as well. 

Social Media

Surely you’re using Facebook and maybe Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn on your phone already. Social media is great fun and yeah, you know it.


There’s a crazy number of video games you can play on your phone, but did you know you can use your phone as a controller for some PC and other video game consoles? The Jackbox games are on all systems, plus the PlayLink series on PS4 is also great. 

When downloading free games on your phone though, be careful as most “free” games require very expensive microtransations to play properly.