Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

So, you’re attempting to make your eyes look bigger and brighter with makeup– yet, you’ve in some way managed to make them look teeny and exhausted. Not on purpose, of course. You simply went a little insane with the eyeliner or dark, smouldering shadow and stepped back too late to look at the result.

Not what you were going for? You thought eyeliner was supposed to make your eyes pop and look wonderfully doe-eyed, but does eyeliner make your eyes look smaller? These makeup mistakes will put things in viewpoint and have you much better get ready for your next application!

Lining Your Waterline With Black Eyeliner

Does eyeliner make eyes look smaller sized? We get it– black makes your eyes look piercing! On the other hand, it’s going to make them look squinty– particularly if your eyes are already on the smaller sized side.

A light colour opens them up, making them look rounder and bigger. Do not line the inner rims of your eyes if you do desire to use black. Draw a light line above the lashes, working the item into the lash line. Does Eyeliner Make Your Eyes Look Smaller? Here’s a Trick For You! Find more here.

Using Uncomplimentary False Lashes

Unless you’re wearing false lashes for a dramatic flair, you ought to avoid long sweeping lashes that fan out at the corners. The ideal falsies to flatter your eyes are lashes that are the longest simply under the arch of your eyebrows.

Not Hiding Your Dark Circles

Simply put, shadows tend to make things look smaller sized. There’s also the fact that evening out your skin tone by hiding your under eyes makes your lower lashes look better. Think about colour-correcting your dark circles with a deeper warm peachy concealer before using a lightening up under-eye concealer.

When You Apply Eyeliner, Disregarding Your Eye form

You’re not out of the red zone! Overlining your eyes is simply as counterproductive as the above point. Make your look more intense and remarkable by striking the balance in between a wing that is * simply * enough time and a liner that isn’t too overwhelming.

Overpowering Your Lids Faux Lashes

Offer us a set of lush falsies and we can conquer the world. I’m a fan of the natural appearance, I love seeing ladies rocking Hollywood influenced lashes. General rule: If you’re going for a more subdued look, prevent overstacking your lash strips. They will weigh your lids down.

Not Curling Your Eyelashes

You might never forget to use mascara, however, did you curl your lashes? If not, you are losing out on declaration eyes! You need to prep your eyelashes with a great curl before every mascara application. This opens up the eyes.

Using The Wrong Smokey Eye For Your Eye Shape

Now, refining one that’s particular to your eye shape– That is a whole other level of know-how! For some eye shapes (like a hooded or deep-set), using dark shadow all over can accentuate your leading cover and make it look sunken or heavy, which is certainly not the finest look. The ideal smoky eye needs to make your eyes look big, remarkable and strong.

Applying The Wrong Eyeliner Try To Find Your Eye Shape

The way you use your eyeliner is just as important for your eye shape as a smokey eye. Wing out too long, or line all around your eye, and they can look smaller.

Using Phony Eyelashes Or Too Much Mascara

While all of us yearn for va-va-voom, larger-than-life lashes, they can overshadow the eyes causing them to look too little.

Utilize more mascara just on the outside of your lashes, and if you’re using phony eyelashes, cut them up and place them on the contours of your eyes. This makes them look more natural.

Going Too Big With Your Brows

When using eye makeup, do not ignore the eyebrows. Thick eyebrows can look great, but you have to beware they’re not so huge that they make eyes appear smaller sized.

Untamed and bushy eyebrows may be en style, but if they aren’t looked after they take control of the cover area and make the eyes look smaller sized. Ensure to tweeze and cut appropriately for more cover space, which develops the impression of larger eyes.