Pest Control in the Blue Mountains

For all their talk about pest control in the Blue Mountains, many residents probably don’t know that the most notorious area for termite activity is actually in the Blue Mountains. If you live in or near Sydney, a trip down to the Blue Mountains can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Although a major pest control company may have periodic visits to your neighborhood to eradicate pests, nothing beats a trip to the Blue Mountains to experience the real thing. If you are considering a trip to the Blue Mountains, here are some tips for what to expect when you’re there:

The Blue Mountains is home to an extraordinary diversity of wildlife. In the summer, you’ll see everything from stunning rainbow trout in the lakes and rivers to wild dogs running free in the mountains. In the winter, you’ll see a unique variety of wild flowers bloom such as the Black Eyed Susans, Black Pennywort and Ferns. You may also spot wombats, eels, crocuses and even monkeys on your trip.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty if pest control is on your mind. Get your hands on a rake, a hatchet and some insecticides. While it’s not necessary to use these commercially available products, remember that they are generally more effective than pest repellents, so you may want to consider making your own. Also, ask others who’ve had experiences with the different pests you will encounter. There’s no need to fear getting rid of the creepy crawlies – they are more often than not harmless and really quite enjoyable.