Interior Styling

An interior stylist may specialize in commercial, editorial, domestic, residential, or both projects, among many others. Often an interior stylist is hired to showcase merchandise in their most appealing visually. But personal interior stylists, not to mention all other interior designers, not only think about beauty but keep practicality in mind as well.

Creating the End Result

interior stylist

Some of the tasks performed by an interior designer include; planning out a layout, coordinating paint colors, selecting furnishings, coordinating accessories, and creating the end result, which is the finished room. Designers will often work with architects, contractors, interior designers, and other professionals to complete a project. Interior styling is a creative profession that involves a great deal of hard work, creativity, professionalism, and knowledge. It is an exciting career choice and can be rewarding if you are interested in both the fashion and art worlds.

An interior designer is a professional who makes creative decisions about interior space, furniture, accessories, and design. An interior designer may work for an individual or privately for another company. Many interior designers use their artistic vision to plan an entire space using space planning, color coordination, and lighting. Designers are able to bring an entire room together by coordinating the furniture, artwork, textures, lighting, paint, and walls so that it meets together harmoniously and looks incredible.