9 Places To Get Deals On Storage Wall System

The best way to use a storage wall system is to utilize it with having things out in the open, which also gives you more floor space. 

Floor-to-ceiling shelf - 30MM - LAGO - contemporary / lacquered wood / glass

When most people think about storage for their house they think of the floors but if there are no walls then generally they will not have anything hanging on them. 

The main advantage of using a wall system is that it tucks away all your clutter and gives you an extremely clear place to live.

Wall systems don’t need to be expensive either, some can cost as little as twenty dollars depending on what brand name or style they are. 

Having these cheap systems off the ground means that gravity is not pulling everything down into piles on the floor where you can trip over it later at night. 

These solutions can be put into place and mounted within a day and the results will make you feel like all your problems have been solved.

Here is a list of places you can get affordable wall systems:

1. The Container Store

They have multiple different sized containers with lids, which keep everything contained and turned vertically on the walls for optimum space-saving capabilities. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd then they also sell three levels that stack up as well as sideways sections that create a world of their own inside your container store home.

2. Walmart 

There are various styles available here from traditional plastic cubes to sturdy wire racks that look more industrial in appearance but still come at very low prices so anybody with a home can afford to buy them. 

It is worth noting that they generally don’t stock these items in their stores but you can find them on the Walmart website at competitive prices.

3. Amazon

This is one of the best places to look for wall system storage as it is usually very cheap compared with other online retailers who tend to charge at least double their prices per unit so be sure to check out the deals here first before you spend any more money on your home projects.


If you are already planning on buying furniture from this Swedish company then why not pick up some extra shelving or hooks too?  Ikea has cabinets starting at just five dollars, which makes this an affordable way to spruce up your home. 

They also sell some very cheap hanging clothes racks that can be taken down in the evening when not needed in case you only want the storage containers in the daytime.

5. Lowes

This is another great place to look if you are on a budget, which has an amazing range of storage options available both indoors and outdoors. 

If you like what you see online then just write down or save the product number for when you get to their store so that they can help match it up with your list quickly.

6. Home Depot

They have all kinds of wall solution products here from cabinets to bins and even room separators so there is something for every room in this store. 

Their range tends to be more expensive than some of the options above but it is still worth checking out so you can compare prices and styles before making your final decision.

7. Do It Yourself

 If you are good with wood then building your storage units will save you a lot of money, which you can spend on other projects or just have leftover for another time perhaps.

This option requires knowing how to cut wood accurately but once you have that skill set under your belt all kinds of custom designs can be created to get maximum storage space from the minimum effort by the homeowner.


8. Craigslist

This site has many sellers who are looking to shift their furniture, which often means knocking a bit off the price as they won’t have to pay out for boxing or storage until it is gone. 

You can find second-hand items that are still in good condition and save a lot of money as a result, which you can then put towards new purchases elsewhere if needed.

9. Used

This last option requires you to be adventurous and quick-acting but could help you get an amazing deal on any style of wall unit that takes your fancy. 

If you see something interesting on the curb at your local garbage collection site then encourage them to give it to you by asking how much, don’t buy it before knowing what their cheapest offer is though!

Some people just want to be rid of stuff so will say yes because they need everything gone but just spending a little bit of money will save you an awful lot so if it is the right storage solution, then this is worth exploring.