Tips In Choosing A Bachelorette Party Gift


The bride-to-be deserves to be pampered on her last days of singlehood, but the women celebrating with her shouldn’t get bogged down by the stress of shopping for an appropriate gift.

A bachelorette party gift is something heavy on symbolism while being light on the price tag, and it should make some sort of statement about the bride while also treating the guests like royalty.

Before anything else, it must be known that your friend may not want any gifts at all! Some people do not like receiving presents on birthdays or at weddings, and this is a popular event to celebrate. It is best to ask the bride if she wants anything so as not to offend.

If you’re struggling to find a gift idea for your bestie’s hen night, here are some popular choices:


The first idea that can be an excellent bachelorette party gift is lingerie.

This would work well because it shows that you care about her comfort enough to give something nice and pretty for her new marriage. Something fun like costumes could also be great; perhaps one of the girls in the party will play a stripper and dance for everyone.

Personalized Bachelorette Party Sash

A classic bachelorette party gift is the personalized, monogrammed sash that can be worn around the bride-to-be’s waist during the festivities.

It also doubles as a cute accessory she can wear on her big day! You can get these online through many different retailers or at your local craft store.

They’re inexpensive and come in all colours and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that fits every outfit while still serving its purpose of identifying her for special treatment throughout the night. Personalized Bachelorette Party Sashes can be purchased online through a variety of retailers.

Hen Night Survival Kit

The Hen Night Survival Kit is a fun gift that will keep the guests entertained for hours.

This kit often comes with small games and activities, such as Bingo cards that have been personalized for the bride-to-be, pencils with her name on it, playing cards with phrases about bachelorette parties on them . . .

The list goes on! These kits are usually filled with lots of little goodies, so you get your money’s worth from this thoughtful present. You’ll find all sorts of variations in these kits online at places like Etsy or even eBay.

If you’re craftier than you are generous, you could even try to put together your kit before giving it as a gift!

Food And Drinks

Some great things include food and drinks. Everyone loves food and drink, and these make excellent gifts all around. You could even put them together and give a nice cooler or picnic basket to take to the bachelorette party so everyone can have snacks throughout the night.

The bachelorette party is practically synonymous with “drinking.” So, in the spirit of celebrating the bride and her wild side (without encouraging any bad behaviour), consider giving her a bottle or two of her favourite alcohol to make everyone’s night complete!

The possibilities here are endless – something pink and fruity for the girly girl; whiskey and beer for the adventurous friend; even flavoured vodka for those who like to add ‘tude to their drinks. Whatever you choose, it will be appreciated by all. 

Piece of Art

Another great idea is to get a nice piece of art to hang up in their home since this makes a lovely gift. You could go the traditional route and purchase a painting or try something a bit different such as a mosaic or stained glass.

This means that you will have something beautiful to look at every day while they are together.

Small Gifts

Some other small gifts include candles, scented lotions, funky socks, music CDs/downloads, fancy chocolates or other types of candy, and funny wine glasses. 

Keep these tips in mind next time you are looking for an excellent hens party gift! Remember to think about the bride! Whatever you decide to purchase should reflect their style so that it fits them well.