Top List Cake Shops in Melbourne

We’ll make this the best list possible, and you deserve to know where to get a great cake from! What if someone were coming over for dinner? They need a dessert! That’s where CAKE comes in!

Yeah sure most places have cake but what about GOOD CAKE? What kind of quality do they bake? If it doesn’t taste nice then who cares if it’s pretty or not.   

So with that out of the way let’s begin the list of the top cake shops in Melbourne.


1.  Baker D Chirico – Online Cake Shop

Homemade ‘European style’ cakes with small business followings around the world! In my opinion, these are the best cake shops for professional-looking cakes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.   

The Bakers of BDC continually win awards for their special recipes, taste and customer service.    

Everything is baked fresh daily from scratch by qualified bakers – you can’t get better quality than that.   

2.  Cupcake Central – Online Cake Shop

They are much better than regular supermarket cakes because they are moist with fresh cream! The variety makes it difficult to choose though because there are just so many!

I have also ordered one of their themed cake designs for an event, which was great quality but would advise you to pay extra for delivery simply because it is cumbersome to carry large cakes far.

As mentioned above, this bakery has competition in the form of Baker D Chirico but these guys make up for it by having more affordable prices and very convenient pick-up locations around Melbourne.       

3.  Michel’s Patisserie – Online Cake Shop

I like their cakes (for special occasions because they are more expensive than Baker D Chirico), but the shop itself is not too appealing; it has that typical French patisserie look with little space to stand or sit.

Their variety is pretty great including some fantastic chocolate cake designs which you won’t find at other shops (or anywhere else for that matter). Worth checking out!   

4.  Two Little Ducks – Cafe / Home-Delivery / e-shop

I have had the pleasure of trying their cupcakes and they are delicious! A little on the pricey side for cupcakes but the quality is worth it.

A disadvantage is that Two Little Ducks’ products are only available in their cafe or online. It would be nice if you could get your order delivered to your home because some people just don’t have time to run around looking at cakes.

5.  Bourke Street Bakery – Cafe / Home-Delivery / e-shop

A very well known bakery in Melbourne with a good reputation for loaves of bread and savouries, not so great reputation for cakes… But I felt like including this shop since they are starting to become more popular with their ‘Cupcakes’.

I think they are priced around the same as Two Little Ducks. Their cakes were not too bad but nothing to rave about.  

6.  Whisk – Home-Delivery / e-shop

Their cakes are pretty good in terms of taste but the designs are just not what you would expect for the price you pay which is why it can be a bit disappointing if this is your only criteria.

Their cupcakes aren’t too bad either! The official website could be better though because it’s really hard to navigate throughout all their products and it’s difficult to see what type of cakes they have available at any given time.

7.  Bakers of Brunswick – Cafe / Home-Delivery / e-shop

I’m not sure if they are still operating because this place has been closed down for months now :/ Their cakes were pretty average as well as their service but I remember that you could buy cupcakes by the half dozen just like Baker D Chirico!

Would be nice to see them back in business with those prices. All the best!

8.  Stephanie’s Cake Creations – Home-Delivery / e-shop

Their website is very confusing and it is not easy to navigate through properly. Everything is a bit of a blur and I find it difficult to see exactly what sort of cakes they have available now or at any given time.

Their shop on the other hand is huge with huge cupcakes, but those designs are not as popular as Baker D Chirico’s… Overall, average taste with an average look!

9.  Sweet Obsessions – Cafe / Home-Delivery

I feel that this place has potential because their service is pretty great with friendly staff who communicate well over the phone. Unfortunately, the reason why I keep going back to them is that there aren’t many cake shops around me that deliver cupcakes in my area.

Their choice of cupcakes is average and they are not too bad, but their cakes aren’t great…

Overall I give them 5 points because the delivery service is very efficient (you don’t have to wait for long) and I like their ‘Budget’ option which allows you to purchase 6 cupcakes for 15 dollars; the cheapest in my area!

10.  Baker D Chirico – Cafe / Home-Delivery

One of my favourite shops when it comes to cakes, especially chocolate cake (if they can do a good choc mud then they can do anything)!

The only reason why this doesn’t score higher is because of the price… Even if you purchase small cakes, they can be pretty expensive because of their marketing techniques.

I used to go there all the time for my cakes but now that I am looking at budget prices, Baker D Chirico doesn’t even make it onto the list anymore!