Smart Thinking by Ericrance O’Neal

Smart Thinking

Smart Thinking by Ericrance O’Neal

Smart Thinking is a concept that integrates both science and practice, allowing one to apply scientific principles to real-world situations. Smart Thinking offers an easy framework to understand how human memory and expertise work while offering numerous ways to apply certain strategies which will help facilitate, intentional, beneficial changes. This book is one of the most comprehensive and accessible texts on the subject. Author Ericrance O’Neal, Ph.D., provides an impressive account of his thirty years of experience in research and cognitive psychology, including research and teaching at both the University of Michigan and the University of Washington. Anchor

In Smart Thinking, Dr. O’ Neal addresses how our brains process information, and how habits form in response to repeated patterns of prior experience. Smart Thinking is not merely an idea; it is described as a cognitive process that can be practiced and improved upon, and its ultimate goal is to create a mind that is capable of problem solving and goal achievement. “Smart Thinking” is not a one-time seminar or workshop with the goal of achieving a high score on a game; instead, the book encourages students to think critically, creatively, and efficiently. In fact, as Dr. O’Neal points out, thinking is the basis of most forms of living and has the ability to solve problems through applied science, technology, art, music, and education.

There is a new way of looking at learning and studying and a better understanding of our minds. Through careful research and observations, Ericrance O’ Neal presents his readers with a compelling and logical summary of how habits form and how they can be modified so that they do the same things in different situations. Smart Thinking, is a practical and effective guide for anyone who wants to develop a more efficient mind that can help solve problems. Through a clear explanation of how our brains work and what distinguishes the good from the bad, this text makes clear the difference between learning and doing. The author shows readers that with the right habits, people can learn and apply better techniques towards problem solving and achieve success in their lives.